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03-04-2004, 09:14 PM
Hello,.. Question about something I've come across this evening,..

In creating a tiretread for a detailed shot, I've come across a weird radial array issue. I've done this before, and don't recall this problem, but it has been a while as I have been using a stock of tires I made before 7.5c

The situation is this.. creating an individual tiretread tooth a certain distance from the central axis (Y), I would attempt to radial array the tread in a direction around the tire face. This would be done by using 'n' for count, center 0,0,0 and Axis Z. Now here's the weird thing. If let n be 40 of less, there's no problem. If I make it higher, a gap appears in the array. It doesn't matter if I make it 41 or 100 the gap is present. I thought this might be due to one of several options... Modeller was bugging out (It had been on all day through several projects). I reloaded, no change. I thought the object I was multiplying through the radial array might be too complex, no go as I can reproduce this repeatidly with a simple box. I thought there might be a memory leak... I rebooted.

So here's a simple experiment to show the problem. I can do this repeatidly with any object.

1) Create a box (x:100mm, y:100mm, z:100mm) at 0,0,0
2) Move it up 3m in the Y axis (0,3m,0)
3) Copy it
4) Goto the Multiply tab, and select Radial Array. Set the Count=40, Center 0,0,0, Axis=Z
5) Hit Okay.

It should work fine.

Now repeat this (if you copied the box, just delete the array and hit Paste to get back to stage 4), and set the Radial Array to 41, and there is a large gap in the array. Change the count to 100, and you'll see the problem even more.

What's wrong here? I don't remember this used to happen. I've been able to reproduce it on 2 different machines consistently with 2 different licenses of lightwave.

Am I alone in this? You could copy and paste a valid selection of the array, and rotate it to the gap, but it is problematic when you need precision as the gap left open doesn't necessarily equal a part of the successful array (precisely).



03-04-2004, 09:34 PM
hmmm, no gap here (7.5b)

ah, i used Ctrl+y Array... yes, with "Radial Array" script there's a problem. So i suggest to use regular Array tool (Ctrl+Y one)... It has same functionality and you can undo it :)
I'm not sure why they put this buggy script there... probably someone didn't know that regular array tool can make radial arrays :)

If for some weird reason you got used to this script... you can fix it:
1. Open \Lscripts\Model\radial_array.ls
2. find line - inc = integer(360 / count);
3. change to: inc = 360 / count;
4. Save

03-04-2004, 09:51 PM
Ya know.. it was the regular array tool I used to use. I just used radial array this time without thinking, because.. well... I was doing a radial array :P

Thanks McLeft,.. appreciate the sanity check.

Seems to me they have a buggy plugin here... let's fix that up boys ;)


03-05-2004, 04:29 AM
I prefer the 'Array' tool for radial arrays. It has one distinct advantage over the 'Radial Array' tool.

When geometry is selected, 'Array' only works with the selected sections. It focuses on the bits you select. As you would expect and hope it would.

'Radial Array' on the other hand ignores your selection and just does it's own thing.

03-05-2004, 06:25 AM
You are not mistaken -- just encountered that same bug yesterday with radial array and LW 7.5c. Very irritating. Not only did the gap appear, but unselected geometry was duplicated as well, and the undo will not undo the entire operation as it should, but instead removes each geometry piece one-by-one, until the undo cache empties and you have to clear the scene. The only fix for this is to limit the geometry radial duplication and to separate the piece you are duplicating onto a separate layer prior to using the tool. Definitely broken, and needs fixing!