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03-03-2004, 11:18 AM
All you computer nerds, I could use some advice!;) (I say that with TOTAL respect for anyone who understands computers!)

I'm running out of room with our internal 300gig and 600gig arrays, so I'm looking at adding an external array.

We have the SuperMicro board with 2 64bit slots. The top one is available.

First, is this a good slot to add an array?

What external arrays have you guys had luck with or heard about?

What prices are we looking at? I'm looking at least 500gig and possibly a Terabyte.

What kind of speed can I expect.

Any other suggestions, specific drives, speeds, etc.?

Thanks in advance. I'm hoping to complete this within a couple weeks.

03-03-2004, 12:04 PM
Depends on what you intend to use it for. If you are doing A/V then go SCSI or Fibre Channel. if it is just Storage or a place to render frames to use IDE or SATA as it would be cheaper. If you look around [and later when I get home from work I'll send a link] you will find companies that can get you up to 2.2 TB for under 2300, If you go SCSI it will much more if you go Fibre Channel the initial cost will be more but the drives are about as much as IDE drives.

03-03-2004, 02:08 PM
Got it done. I went with "Huge Systems", the 1 TB size. I was really impressed with what I saw.

Next Generation Ultra 320 SCSI Interface
Removable Drives
New Industrial Design
Single Unit Supports 10-bit HD Video!
Switchable RAID 0 (performance) orRAID 3 (protected) Operation
Capacities from 600 GB to 1.25 TB
MINIMUM Data Rate 200+ MB/Second
Supports Win, Mac, Linux, Unix and SGI OS
Built-in Diagnostics

With these specs, I can afford to go Raid 3 and not worry about backup drives as much. This will now give me 3 separate arrays.

10-12-2006, 02:37 AM
Hey Ted,

My name is Zion and I am building fibre raid. The components are a dual channel 4 Gigabit Attoech Fibre card which was about $1300 and then a Fibrenetix 64 bit Raid array with 1.3 TB running about $3,800 = tax and shipping at raid 5 for redundancy. It clocks in at about 225 Megabits a second. I also have an internal raid SATA 2 arrays on the internal SATA controller. I'm still constructing it and hope to get it stable. VT4 recommends SCSI software raid and I have also built those types of systems successfully.
I guess with the SATA raids there are some conflict issues with IRQ's and audio drop out and VT4 doesn't support SATA 2 nor recommend that platform yet but they say it will be recommended on VT5. I got the SATA to save money and they usually run cooler and last longer than SCSI when using the right drives. Hopefully someday Fiber will be supported by VT4 like the rest of the industry.
Let me know if you need any assistance with building your system I deal several brands and I have other associates companies that configure with all other major brands. I personally thought the pricing of Huge arrays are to high for what they give you, and they don't offer SATA only SCSI and IDE/PATA. Fibernetix has better options and later technology and there probably the most cost effective company for high performance external raid configurations. External fibre I think in time will become the new standard as soon as VT4 steps up their game.

Anyway, just some info...