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Rich Deustachio
03-01-2004, 07:45 AM
Spell checker

Auto line spacing AFTER typing in text

Auto bullet list feature

Slower cleaner scroll pages

Ability to add lines in already typed in scroll page without screwing up the lines below it

Auto wrap

Make it respond more like a word processor

03-01-2004, 12:14 PM
Rich, I think you've summed up my thoughts.
“Make it behave more like a work processor”. That sums up much of the lack of workflow in the CG.
Inserting, copying, sizing and aligning text should be on a word, line, or project basis.
Inserting GFX or images should be easy, i.e., insert a logo between or after a few lines of text.
Saving a simple altered file should be easier.

I'll admit, if I spent more time with the CG I could do better then I do now, but it just isn't efficient to use when you've got a client watching you and asking why it doesn't perform like anything they've ever seen. (I’d accept this if it was better, but…)

With that said, we’re used to using 3rd party programs for now and since some people are using the CG fine, I’ll be patient while NewTek gets more important TED features implemented.
Without TED, I’m dead!

Off my soapbox. :rolleyes: