View Full Version : FPrime: Cross Platform Compatibility

02-28-2004, 01:40 AM
Not that I can $wing FPrime right away with the cost of a LW upgrade too, but when $ possible does anyone know if it will use LW's duo dongle and therefore be able to be installed on either platform for use with LW?

Some of us are stuck between both worlds XP><X.3><XP where one platform has LW being used from the desktop and the other OS on a portable computer when needing to go mobile with LW. Not being able to $wing two different installers of FPrime, or any other costly 3rd party plug-in this topic is of concern when investing in plug-ins. If I'm to become reliant on any plug-in with one platform it will need to be like NT/LW itself and be cross platform usable.

I sent Worley an email asking this the other day, but have not had a response. I'm gathering it's lost in a pool of other questions they're getting. Anyone here in the know have some insight about this?

02-28-2004, 02:23 AM
It'll be Dual - tied to your dongle not your platform.

Which comes as some relief to all the frustrated mac heads who (like me) are beginning to doubt that Nt & Apple will ever get the act together!