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02-27-2004, 03:17 PM
I am developing a small 2D game seen from about the same angle as zelda games (i think most people know about zelda, thats why i am taking that as an example).

This game is currently developed as a work sample to get into university.

Basically it is a small amusement park built in a sandbox with ants as the visitors and workers. You controll an ant, can walk into the different rides to make them start animate. There are also a couple of minigames, such as bumperboats with boats made of tangerine shells, or a racing game with grashoppers instead of cars.

It is also possible for the player to build his / her own park by simply pointing and clicking on a list of available items and in the map where it should be placed.

What i need right now is graphic for 9 rides / attractions. Since i am making this to gain knowledge and not money, i sadly can not offer any payment for it, i am looking for someone who think it would be fun to contribute.But you will of course get your name, email adress, homepage url and such in the game.

if your interested, please contact me at:

icq: 39695461
msn: [email protected]