View Full Version : Input enhancements/color picker

02-24-2004, 09:49 PM
I love lightwave's input fields. They support mathematical equations and all. Two things:

1. Being able to link two layers together in surface editor, or have
a multiplier for all layers. So we can scale ALL bump map layers by
, hmmm... let's say, uh maybe... well uh, yeah... x5. Either through input field or a scrolly/slider thingy.

B) (heh) The windows color picker is aweful! And the other alternative LW gives, doesn't have a palette of colors.
How about a picker 'dat allows you to store/create your own palette?
Or maybe implementing sumptin' like "color schemer" or
"color wheel pro" with a color wheel and modes to chose, and
then generate a palette to call up any time. Great for print,
web design, etc.


Any one know a good replacement for windowsxp's color picker?