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02-24-2004, 12:33 PM
I am selling my T3 System complete. The system includes is a fully working FULLY DEBUGGED system. The editing system currently the second edit bay in our company. It is used daily for editing sessions ranging from commercial production and post to film. A feature film was posted on this system recently and is the reason for the sale of the system.

Please call me with any questions you may have and I will be happy to answer them for you. My Tel is 713-802-2639 my name is William. my e-mail is [email protected]

The following will be included with the system.

3.8 Gigahertz Intel Chip
1.00 GB of RD Ram IBM
Intel D850EMVZ mother board. This board includes the new USB 2 connectors
Nvidia GForce 4 Ti 64MB AGP4X
Adaptec 29160N SCSI
Adaptec Fireconnect 4300
Newteq T3 Card

C: drive IBM 50 gig
D: drive Maxtor 30 gig
F: drive CD rom 40x
G:Pionner A05U DVD -R burner
H: 136 gig U160 Raid array.

The drive array consists of 8 U160 IBM drives in a professionally built and fanned enclosure. The system performs 130 Mbps and is used consistently for uncompressed component work. I will consider selling the system without the array if the price is right.


T3 full version
This as you all know includes all the goods, Aura, Lightwave 3D, Toaster Paint etc. With all book and support hardware. This includes all cabling and Y adaptors. I AM INCLUDING AN AVID SR232 ADAPTOR AND CABLE FOR DECK CONTROL

DVD LAB Pro Full version
Full version of a fully professional DVD authoring software

Cheap crap DVD software that comes with the DVD burner. It is very good for fast DVD authoring

Sorenson encoder PRO Full version
Full version of the TOP encoder in the film industry, the absolute best encoder in the world for film and video DVD. All film previews you see on line are encoded with this encoder.

Discreet Logic Combustion Full version
Top of the line compositing software

Adobe After Effects 5.5 Full version
Second to combustion the best compositing software. Works native with T3 with uncompressed video. So you can work between soft wares without exporting

Pinnacle Edition Full version
The only stable PC DV editing software I have found.
Everybody has a favorite but I tried over 10 packages this is the only one that was stable enough for client work.

There is also a bevy of junk software to do everything typically required in daily production.

All investment listed here total over 25 thousand dollars and not to mention over 500 hours of debug and testing time. I am not kidding. For anyone who will tell you that you can build this system for less, take it from me, you will rather have all the teeth in your mouth pulled without anesthesia. Building this system was the worst experience of my life. I am providing you here a fully and truly working system with the experience of 2 years working with Toaster systems. The system will not fail you and will work RELIABLY as soon as you set it up. That is a hell of a lot more you will get form all the so call professional resellers who will provide you with systems that only work in bare bones.

I will take $6,800.00 No licences on software other than VT You must delete upon purchase.