View Full Version : video noise on 1 component source into BOB

03-13-2003, 01:36 PM
I've been usin a couple component inputs on my BOB for some time. Both of these have been VTRs and the signal at the source and through the Toaster have been fine.

Problem: I've just connected my camera into the BOB via component video with 3 BNCs and I get static verticle lines in the video as displayed through the Toaster. This happens when this component camera signal is fed into any of the 8 component inputs while the VTRs work fine on any of the inputs.

When the camera is fed into the component input on a monitor or deck, the video is clean. Only the Toaster is generating these vertical lines when displaying this camera signal via the component feed. A composite feed from the same camera into Toaster is clean.

I need the component connection from this camera to feed the Toaster. What the $$%@#$ is wrong??

03-13-2003, 05:35 PM
Been there done that...

You have to go in the proc amp and open the advanced settings panel (the freaky one with all the sliders and stuff.)
There is one setting that you have to change. I'm not in front of my Toaster and I forgot which one it is but I do remember that it is one with multiple choices. Try changing them one by one until you get the good one. You'll know which one it is since the noise will go away. The settings with the asterisk are the factory defaults, just so that you know.

When I was getting the noise it was mainly when I had red colors being shown.

I hope this helps.