View Full Version : Looking for an indie film maker in the NY area!

02-24-2004, 10:29 AM
Hi there!
I would need the help of some folk located in the New York area. I need to have a voice over session directed, my main actress is living in Newark, and for time / schedule considerations, I cannot have her to come to my studio in Montreal.

So the thing to do is rather simple: you would be given a VHS copy of the final cut of my feature film, and the lines for the actress to say are written as sub titles on the tape. She watches the movie, speak the lines, and you check for synch and adjust the volume. You also make sure the mood and the tone that the lines are being read match the one in the movie. Once done, you can send over the tape, or FTP a .wav file to my server.

I am not expecting a high quality audio production. What I do with my local cast, for example, is to plug a shotgun mic to my MiniDV camera, and pick the sound from there, sitting in the living room, while we watch the film on the VCR. Sound is clean, sharp enough, free of hissing and disturbing background noises. So that's just to say that I am not looking for someone with a 50,000$ audio production suite.

I can offer a bit of money for that, plus, obviously, your name mentionned in the film's closing credits. That job, in my humble opinion, should be done in a matter of 3-4 hours, maybe 5 if that is the first time you direct a voice-over session, or maybe even 1 hour if you're a VO veteran, hehe...!!
Timeframe: ASAP. I am currently doing this week the VO with the other, local cast members.

Please get in touch if you're interested!
Thanks folks!