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02-20-2004, 02:42 PM
This is my first real post in a long time, although I read the forum almost religiously. I used this scene for an Illustration II class project at my university. The theme was artists as circus character.

For those who read 3D World magazine, you may recognize the man running the organ-grinder as the magician model from the June 2002 rigging article. I feel somewhat cheep using other peopleís models in my scenes. Actually, putting H.R. Gigerís piece on the floor probably isn't a good idea either, but his work is so reconizable that I meant it as a homage. I doubt that anyone would think it was mine.

Iím pretty happy with this scene. The lighting could maybe use some work, and the ring looks a bit out of place. The harlequin ďmonkeyĒ is sort of my mascot which is why he has the somewhat odd face.

Any comment and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


02-20-2004, 11:02 PM
nice image-

WHat i would do is make some tracks from the organs and some footprints on the sand around the main characters-
Aswell as desturbances around their feet and the harlequins knees (think what would happen to sand if you droped down and kneeled in it)
Secondly, look at the feet placement of the man. Now, you stand up and see how you placed your feet?- Nobody stands like that, it is to robotic and unatural-Looking from a top view the line from the heel of the foot to the feet fingers is a diagonal one not a straight line, and i would move the legs apart a bit, making an upsidedown "v" shape.
The same thing goes for the arm that is holding the chain- When you put your arm at that postiton, it is more bent at the elbow-
Beside that i would maybe put some coloured spotlights to liven the image a bit- but that is optional...:)

Hope that helps, and hope I will see the pic with the corrections soon!

keep it up!

02-21-2004, 10:46 AM
Hi tom,

Looks pretty decent, although I saw the guy earlier in an issue of 3DWorld, he was used for a tutorial of bullet-time I think. Anyway, nothing wrong with that, but he looks a bit simple, while the organ is of such great detailed quality.



02-21-2004, 04:24 PM
Hey, thanks for the comments.

Yeah, I didn't even really think about the disturbances in the sand, even though it really stands to reason that it would be some messed up. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going accomplish it yet, but I'll probably try some kind of bump map first.

Repositioning the man shouldnít be too hard. Iím in a figure drawing class this semester, so I probably should have been more aware of his position.

The lights make sense in a circus situation. Iím just not sure how itís going to effect the surface colors. Iíll just have to play around with some experiments.

Iím not sure if I can do much to add to the man. For the concept, I had envisioned a man who you would be mostly in the shadows, and just kind of ominous. I may try to put him more in the shadows this time to make up for the lack of detail. I can also make a more elaborate cloth texture for his suit.

Iím probably going to work on this tonight, so hopefully Iíll have some good revisions up by tomorrow. Thanks again.