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02-20-2004, 12:39 PM
Another basic stupid question from me..

Ok.. I’ve only recently started playing with subpatch objects, getting a feel for how to get the shapes that I want.. So I’m sitting here, kind of “doodling” with shapes to get a nice spaceship idea that’s only half baked in my head, and I realized that, this is a little different from just plain-ole polygon objects as far as surfacing..

Now.. lets say I have a subpatched object, and want to put a “decal” graphic on it. I know how to do it with regular non-subpatched objects.. But how do I precisely place the decal on the sub patched object?

(Just so you know, I never learned UV mapping.. I fear UV mapping, probably because I didn’t understand it when I tried it..)

Or is my brain just making a big deal out of something small?

02-20-2004, 01:27 PM
You use the same technique you'd use for non sub-d objects - if accurate placement of your images is critical then sometimes it helps to subdivide/metaform your sub-d object to make the cage a bit closer to its subdivided form - you can then lower the subdivision settings in Layout.

Using UVs with sub-d's opens a whole other can of worms which I'm sure Jin would be happy to fill you in on ;)

02-20-2004, 01:28 PM
wait a minute..

Someone just kick me in the head. It seems to work fine in a quick test.

Maybe I should try it out before asking stupid questions..

I still need to learn UV stuff though


02-20-2004, 01:44 PM
Just making a fairly big deal;)

Here is a fairly easy way for ships of all kind.

My views are set up as such

TopLeft is the top view
then perspective
then bottom right is the Back view and then right, so I'll explain that way.

So you have this spaceship and in top window is the top of ship (looking down) And you have the Z axis and the X axis in that window

The back has the X and Y and the right has the Y and Z

These are inportant

Looking in the top window and you want markings on the wings.
You highlite the polys on the TOP of the wings,give surface of wing top
Click on the little 'T' in the lower right of screen, where is says 'NONE' go to 'NEW'.

A panel will open up,
Name it wings top
Map planer
Axis Y
Why?? because you want the texture to come flat on the wings, which means you want to Slap the texture from the top down onto the wings.
If you look at the other windows you'll see that the Y direction does this.
Leave automatic and hit OK.
You just mapped the UV of the top of the wing

Do the same for the bottom of the wings
in same direction

you want to SLAP the paint from the bottom up on the wing.
so name that wings bottom. (you may have different textures for top and bottom of wing so I got use to the naming of each part different rather than have to go back at a later date and redo it.

Now the fusalage.

look at the back window and pick a side to map
Highlite the polys on that side and hit 'new' under the 'T' and name it ship (R/L depending on what you picked) side.
now planer map in the X direction
because you want to Slap the texture from the side

The little letters in the windows will tell you what way to do it.
See they ARE important;)

Do for the other side and name it for that side.

Change the 'TOP' view window to UV TEXTURE

Under the small 'T' again pick one of your UV maps you made, and it will show up in the UV map window.


do a 'tab' or not (you don't want subD mode), and UNWELD everything (there is button for that)

now in UV window make the UV look like the part that you picked in the 'T' button dropdown.
Use rotare, drag, or whatever you need to, and make it as big as that grid, (either in lenght or height) You'll see as you do it what it should look like.
Once you got the part looking like the part you picked (say the wing), click on UV IMAGINATOR (if you don't have then it's free at flay I think.

A panel will open, keep on selected polys
image resolution...I do 1024 but you can do smaller or bigger
Image type... I do TGA at the bottom of list
Save as...wing top UVMap, and save it to where you find a place to remember
Click generate.
Click done

Do same for all the UVs you made.

You now have made painting patterns for all your UVs you mapped.


Easy HU?

Now in your paint program, load the maps

Make a 'new layer' before anything else.

Use the Map as a pattern and paint the texture you want on the 'new layer'.

When all done, get rid of the pattern and (in photoshop) I 'flatten image'
Save it back to same folder as Up wing Color (if it was the upper wing you did).

In modeler again under surfaces, click on the part you UV'd (wing top)

Click on the 'T' on the COLOR line
Layer type is ImageMap
Blending normal
Projection ...UV
UVMap.... the one you gave to wing top
Image...load the one you PAINTED

that's it
Click use texture

In Perspective view go to TEXTURE in pulldown menu.

You now have the texture mapped to the wing top

IF you see distortion (you know you painted a straight line in the paint program but it is crooked in the window), then you have to move some points around in the UV Texture window.

as you move points you'll see the texture moving and twisting in perspective window, and you'll soon see which points to move to get texture looking just as you painted it.

your done (well after you do all the UVs you made:) )
Save the UVd model and it will always get the textures you made and set them for you when you load in layout.
After awhile it will take less time to do than it was to read this.
And it will cover about 80% of the models you make.

Hope that helps.

02-20-2004, 01:46 PM
:D :D :D

you got it while I was typing:D

Yea...Jin is GOOD with texturing SubDs
He just LOVES them:D :D :D