View Full Version : Angel model anyone?

03-13-2003, 10:22 AM
Hi Again,

I'm making a video for my wifes birthday from which I have been separated for some time :(

in some of the "shots" I wanted to have an (male) Angel embracing a woman with its arms and wings, they would be floating in a stand up position a few feet above ground, since the angel covers the woman you could not really see much of her, parts of the head and legs mostly.

In another shot the Angel would be laying on the ground uncouncious and in yet another it would be shown like if some invisible hands were lifting it up.. so the pose would be somewhat like: Head tilted backwards, Back arched, arms and wings hanging down (kinda like in the pose of the abductee in the Logo from the series "Taken").

The angel in neither scene actually moves and it doesn't need to be terribly detailed, output format will be VHS. But rendering time will be a constraint, in both cases were the angel floats I will have a 360 degree turn which then will be looped.

So.. I suck at modeling humans and bone setup (to get it into position). Ussually I would not have any problem paying someone to model this for me, however I'm flatass broke and my paycheck just got garnished.

If anyone could be so kind and give me any help at all it would be very, very cool and greatly apreciated.

Thank you