View Full Version : Los Angeles LightWave Users Group Meeting Feb 22

02-20-2004, 12:56 AM
Meeting Feb 22

Crowd Scenes with LightWave's Particle System.

Dave Jerrard and Jennifer Hachigian-Jerrard

If you saw the film The Last Samurai, you probably now by now that 160 shots
were done with LightWave. Among the most impressive shots were of the
Japanese regiments and the Samurai Army. For this segment Dave and Jen will
go through the fundamentals of creating crowd scenes and marching armies
with LightWave's particle system, lovingly called "El Cheapo Massive"...

The meeting will start at 2pm. $5 at the door as always. The weather man is
predicting rain for Sunday so drive carefully and give yourself plenty of
time to get to the center. We will have hot coffee, hot tea, donuts, as well
as some food...

We hope to see you there

Jessica Vitale
Los Angeles LightWave Users Group