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02-19-2004, 10:33 PM
Hey folks the crew just finshed up a few hard weeks putting the trailer to our feature, created by Panic Struck Productions.

There all 3D apps in this, but since I'm a 100% LWer I wanted
to show it off to you guys.

Hope you like it. I'm kinda holding the torch for the LWers in this


The new full trailer for the Star Wars film
"Revelations" has been released by Panic Struck Productions
and also on theforce.net

This is a huge effort dealing with CG talent over the
globe with the exciting and challenging mix of Max,
Lightwave, Maya, Cine4, and everything you can throw
at it.

"Revelations" involves most the East Coast and is a
combined effort of artists,industry professionals, and
fans to produce a high-end low budget film.

Take a look and hope you guys enjoy.
Large MOV Version 15.3 MB 450 X 338 (http://panicstruckpro.com/revelations/video/web_trailer_II_large.mov)

Small MOV Version 12.8 MB 360 X 240 (http://panicstruckpro.com/revelations/video/web_trailer_II_small.mov)

Larger MOV Version 17.9 MB 600 X 400 (http://panicstruckpro.com/revelations/video/web_trailer_II_larger.mov)

Currently we are deep in post production and really
looking for further talented CG artists who would like
the challenge and chance to really show off your work
to a large audience.

"Revelations" is a pure voluteer effort and non-profit
film, but has gained a great following and even some
large industry interest.

Anyone interested in being a part of the Revelations
CG team should send their portfolio or web sample to:

panic struck productions CG ([email protected])