View Full Version : renderfarm - using idle computers?

02-19-2004, 01:59 PM
iam thinking about the right strategy/options to set up a little renderfarm,

what i have is:

- one dual head / used most of the time, free few hours at night time
- 2x office computers (about 2 gigs cpu), free from 16:00 til next day.
- 1x 2 gigs (free all the time mostly, put in a weird airless place, so i dont want to use it for any modeling or as main machine...)
- 1x main machine for lightwave, also used for other tasks quite a lot.
- 1x old nt4 machine, not sure what this one would be used for?


anyway, the idea is to setup the renderfarm so it will use the computers that are idle at the moment, and will automatically quit rendering when the machine is used..., also that would be a nice feature for the main machine itself.

any clues if that is possible to setup and what a good strategy might be?

02-19-2004, 11:38 PM
Well, forget about it, I'd say. You are simply expecting too much. Especially that automatic startup/ shutdown thing is impossible (Not from a programming point of view, but is 20 % CPU usage already idle? Answer that question and you see the dilemma.)If you can live with a not so perfect solution, you could use Muster (www.vertex.com (http://www.vvertex.com)). It can install itself as a system service and handle the rendering for you. It can be administrated using a server/ client structure. It's rather expensive though and makes no sense, if you only use LW. It's aimed at "Pros" and also supports Maya, Mental Ray and XSI. Spider is something similar, but personally I never got it to work properly under Win2k Pro, so I don't have much confidence in it.


02-20-2004, 08:15 AM
I'm using spider networks (http://www.stationx.com/index.htm), and it's working fine with win2k (but not XP Home). Runs as a service, low priority, and doesn't seem to interfere when other app is running.
But the best thing is it's free.
Setup a bit puzzling, though.

02-20-2004, 09:37 AM
well tnx to both, with idle i meant that noone is using the machine at that moment, in worst case it could be time scheduled somehow..., but yes, i dont want to spend to much time thinkering about ms networking, i find the subject really 'boring'..., just got a reply from my admin, he cant spell renderfarm corectly, so i guess i should forget this thingy, lmao.