View Full Version : More Layout displaying options ?

02-18-2004, 03:57 AM
as currently working on scenes with many polys (hundred thousands and more later) I'd like to suggest 2 options for the displaying of items :

•_In bounding box mode = displaying of the pivot point of items,
to help to see alignements and positions. Currently you see pivot point only
of SELECTED items.

• A new display mode : I think here about items like trees as it's what I work
the more on but guess for other items it could help too.
Actually the bounding box mode is sometimes not accurate enough, it's
hard to set position / rotation of items only with it and have a quick preview
of the result. On the other hand wireframe mode comes quickly too long
to refresh, as soon as you have more than 200 000 polys in a scene
and if you don't have a killer graphic card.
Why not imagining a LOW WIREFRAME mode ?
I thought we could for example use kind of Parts in Modeler for this :
- In the Modeler, set a "Part" for a group of polys
- In the Layout having a "Parts-Wireframe" display mode

In the case of a tree for example, if you have a tree made of 1500 polys
you could work easy in Open GL with only 150 of the polys displayed,
while displaying all the polys is too heavy (if you have 200 clones of the tree
in the scene) and having only bounding boxes is not accurate enough…

02-18-2004, 04:05 AM
Sorry, I cannot resist:
this reminds me, counting the appropriate differences, Imagine's "Quick Edges"...
ah... bad old good days! :rolleyes: