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02-17-2004, 10:34 AM
Hi there,

Ok I saw this render done in 3D SMAX and wondered what approach to take to recreate that smooth, reflective white surface. Here are 2 links that show it:


Fluxen's is that girl's armour on the homepage. I know that was done in LW. I tried HDRI, but it's too chromey and busy, these are so subtle.

Any suggestions or tutorials on that?


02-17-2004, 11:02 AM
On CG Talk, I heard 3D Mike say he just used two luminescent panels above the model. It's going to involve radiosity and it's going to take some work, but LW should be able to do it.

I'd probably start by turing specularity off and reflection way up. Specularity is just an attempt to fake the reflection of a light.

02-17-2004, 11:15 AM
Thanks Matt. I am gonna dive in now.

02-17-2004, 12:25 PM
Hmmm. Closer. But I am getting a lot of noise on the surface. Like the darker areas are really grainy. Do you know what that is or how to get rid of it?


02-17-2004, 12:40 PM
Shading Noise Reduction under your light properties panel.

02-17-2004, 12:50 PM
Yep. I saw that after I posted. DOH!

Thanks I am close. But I may hit CG Talk too.

02-17-2004, 12:52 PM
Once you get ot looking good, make sure to come back here and post your results.