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jin choung
03-12-2003, 11:19 PM

cinepaint is already out for osx and linux but the windows version has just been released.

it is a graphics app along the lines of photoshop. based on an old linux favorite called GIMP.

you can use it just like photoshop but it has very good facilities for handling sequences of frames like rotoscoping movie frames - hence CINEPAINT.

another gigantic benefit is that it supports HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE BITMAPS!!! that's right, it edits images that are 16 bits per channel! not sure if it supports lw's HDRI format but it does support the ILM standard OPEN EXR.

finally, it is completely and totally FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE!!!

all that and about 50 megs too. so many features and yet such a small download. so go and get it folks. i'm on dialup and it took less than a half hour to download.


03-12-2003, 11:23 PM
Awesome post jin

Thanks for the heads up

03-17-2003, 10:54 AM
I downloaded it, but it doesn't work... I'm on Windows xp. I tried to run the thing but it opened up a dos type box, with a lot of weird dots that showed up all over the place when I double clicked the icon. I then tried to open it manually from inside dos, thinking something was wrong and that it had to open command line style. That kept getting me a dos error that said something about there not being enough memory room to run the program. I have plenty of ram, so I think it has something to do with 16 bit apps not running on xp too well. I ran into a similar type problem at work a few months ago with we tried to run a Medicaid app called Medifax on an xp machine. Anybody know how to fix this type of problem!?!

03-18-2003, 06:37 AM
Iv also tried it a few days back and it crashed everytime i tried to save out an image. I cant see any difference between in and Gimp appart from Gimp is more stable.

Oh btw 50 megs may be 30 mins download for u but for me its 3 hours on 64k dial up isdn :). The Uk really sucks when it comes to internet related services.


03-18-2003, 10:17 AM
Still quiet unstable and very very slow. Took 10 minutes to open a 1000X1000 resolution HDR image that took HDRshop less than 30 seconds. On top of that, 50% of the HDR images I tried to open with Cinepaint either crashes it or is corrupt when displayed. It will be extrodinary if it can convert between EXR and HDR images, but it can't yet.