View Full Version : COMPOSITING a RADIOSITY render

02-14-2004, 02:54 AM
The problem I've found in LW is that it seems that when using any of the radosity modes LW does not generate any shadow pass/buffer info. making objects shadow density objects gives u no info to composite so the only cheat I've come up with is to slap an Area light and make a new render to composite cast shadows from. Or render all the elements together, a compositers worst nightmare.

Im not sure if this is a limitation in LW that the shadow calculation is too complex to alpha, but I mean its generating shadows in the image so the you'd think that info could be used.

Hopefully im slow and there is some sort of setting that includes shadows in the alpha channel, or a work around better than what ive come up with. Thanks for any tips.

02-14-2004, 05:31 AM
Usually lw write shadow buffer only with raytrace shadow and shadow map, when it do shadow with radiosity, you have shadow where light is absent, but not traced by ray.
if you need shadow, you can do that :

build a new scene with new obj (use content manager plugin of lw to duplicate scene.

Set up all material like white pure.
Render with your old light setup.
you have shadow on white surface.

load on postpro software, use diffuse pass inverted to delete it from render for faked shadow pass, which you have did before, and you have a shadow pass clean.

have a nice day.