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02-12-2004, 02:55 AM
Hi there,

A while ago I expressed concern over Newteks commitment to it's UK (and other International) community when they stated that LW8 would not be an electronic download, and all would be sent by mail.

The replies were along the lines that Newtek were just as commited to the UK (and other International customers), and we wouldn't be left out...

Well the e-mail I've recieved from Newtek Eurpoe has shaken my faith in this a bit.

"We are sorry to inform you that due to logistic and organisational difficulties, the 45-minute LightWave [8] preview planned for tomorrow morning in the Viz FX seminar room at the Video Forum has been cancelled.

All our apologies for any inconvenience it may cause you.

Another LightWave [8] presentation will be scheduled again for the United Kingdom very soon.

NewTek Europe will keep you informed in due course.

Thank you for your understanding."

This was to be in London today, and I had booked personal time from work etc just to see the LW8 demo. BUT IT'S CANCELLED!!!

How come it's been seen at other places in America, but the UK gets let down? Believe it or not, I can't actually afford to go to America to see these things, so have to wait for something here, then it get's taken away!! (RANT RANT ETC ETC)

Please Newtek, give me more assurances AND IF POSSIBLE PROOF that you support your UK (and International) audience! I need to believe in you, but it's getting harder... For a start, I only received this e-mail at 4:30pm yesterday (not much notice then!)

Sorry everyone, but like waiting for LW8, I was really looking forward to this...

Kevin McPoland
[email protected]

02-12-2004, 03:25 AM
Guess what? I'm American, and I never even heard of this thing. So I guess you're one up one me!


02-12-2004, 04:08 AM
Well i think you have a legitimate complaint...... But!..

But really, crap happens!
If it's a Logistical issue, it's sounds like a last minute, hitch that caused a problem.....

So you can go and complain, whinge..... or you can get on with life..... (Really, what else can you do?) Either outcome will be the same....

We had to lobby for LW8 to be shown over here,
but at the last minute it was shown, as a feature on Day one of the AEAF. (in December)

So to their credit, they did get it done and shown to a bunch of people on the other side of the world....

So for your horror story, we had a feel good story.....

So if you can't get to the States, than check out Protons video's and the product feature list, which is more than you would of seen in the demo anyway.... :)

I can understand your annoyance, but really......
It's not a perfect world, (yet anyway)

As for the Electronic Download, i don't know how that ever would of worked, thousands of people downloading 4CD's all at once, would crash the entire internet... :)

But i do hope they plan on sending a Master to distributors, (early) so they can burn CD's, to make sure the World is taken care of and not just the USA.....

02-12-2004, 05:26 AM

I know, I know...everything you say is true about crap happens etc etc.

I guess I just got the e-mail and wanted to SHOUT AAAARGGGGHHHH!!!!" So close yet so far... :(

And yes, I shall be getting on with my life as I do everyday, but a small whinge once a day allows me to be happy for the rest of it...:D

I have been watching the video's, but I reckon the opportunity to see it live and ask questions would be even better... :)

Only other thing, you manage to have seen it, now at a guess (because your tag doesn't say where your from), if it was in America (don't know where/what the AEF is), it kind of proves my need to have confirmation that we UK people need the occasional reminder that we are important to Newtek as well...

Still, deep down I will trust them and hope they come through for us all...


Kevin McPoland
[email protected]

02-12-2004, 05:43 AM
i have heard rumblings that newtek europe really need to pull their socks up in several areas..their profile pages in their website is pretty good but it could be doing much better in the u.k to promote lightwave and get it into the press and edu market with links to apple etc...but newtek also need to fix the lightwave 7.5 crash bug for mac as well [mags] more often and also have some demo's of lightwave 8 in several places...

i think because lightwave is well overdue it's update that it's hard to put "news" items into mags..this will change when lightwave 8 actually ships of course...maybe get those profiles into magazine articles would help boost ightwave's prescence seeing as it won the emmie for t.v last year..and all the candidates were lightwave houses....

most mags seem max and maya biased

02-12-2004, 06:01 AM
I'm really curious how NT will handle the logistics of sending all upgraders a set of cd's. Especially the international peeps.

I mean - i'm in Belgium of all countries - I have to drive 1 hr to the nearest movie theatre. An electronic update would have been speedier than the snailmail route. I hate the mailman ! he only delivers in the afternoon now. So called first class shipments take double the time they should.

sorry - had to vent some frustration.

I'm really curious though..... how?

02-12-2004, 07:06 PM
Kevin McPoland Wrote: "I guess I just got the e-mail and wanted to SHOUT AAAARGGGGHHHH!!!!" So close yet so far... "

Yep i do understand the need to vent that too.....
(and it can help you lower the stress)

But i think so many people are venting at the moment,
and we need to give NT some breathing space to finish LW8, and make us all happy again.

I'm currently in Australia, And Jonny previewed it at the Australian Effects and Animation Festival..... (After we Lobby'd for Proton to make it back down under...... Cause we were sick of Max and Maya dominating everything down here.. (but due to economical and logistical reasons, he couldn't make it back)

Honestly, Protons video's have surpassed what we saw, and would give you more insight, and more ideas on what it's got, than any demo would....

I do agree, NT have in the past and present, been quite US specific, I have said the same thing many times....
But my dealer, is quite well connected to NT and does a good job..
of relaying the info.....

All though it usually takes some venting to get him to do so! :)

I would recommend sending an Email to BeeVee (or your local distributor) and air your concerns in a polite but passionate way,
Because they do make efforts to improve, when it's done like that.
I think it's better if the pressure comes from your distributor!

PS... Bytehawk

I will guess that Distributors will download or be sent LW8
when it's finished, and then make their own copies for customers.
It has been done this way before...
My distributor was still unsure on this subject!

From what i understand, there is a LW PC CD, LW MAC CD,
and 2x Content CD's.... (but don't quote me)

I know that Lewis, Jonny and Proton have some excellent content in this release.....

02-13-2004, 05:25 AM

yeah that would be the logical way to do things.

02-13-2004, 06:29 AM
As Freak said, sh1t really did happen. If it had gone as planned you would have been able to see a demo yesterday. We tried and tried until we couldn't try no more - I was here until late Wednesday sending that email out because we didn't want to leave it until people actually got to the Video Forum for them to find out that the demo wasn't happening. Believe me, I was just as frustrated as you Kevin...


PS. to Cresshead. Thanks for the compliments on the stories! :) There are lots of things happening this year that mean that 2004 is going to be the Year of LightWave in more ways than 8... :)

PPS. Make sure you guys come to the 3D Festival this year...

PPPS. Erm...

PPPPS. That's it.

02-13-2004, 06:36 AM
ben, it would be real good to see some profiles in mags like 3d world and digit from people like the team working in captain scarlet and battle star galattica plus the next jimmy neutron film and t.v shows...and some film fx...

get the word of lightwave out there in the mags and that'l drive up sales of the wave for sure.

steve g

02-13-2004, 06:50 AM
I agree, but that's not really down to me is it? :) If 3D World are going to interview the Captain Scarlet guys I think that Jim would object to me putting my oar in! :) However, there are plans afoot. I think you will be pleasantly surprised come issue 50... :)


02-13-2004, 06:57 AM
Oh you big tease :)