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02-11-2004, 06:13 AM
Hi! I've got a little problem. I've made logo in Photoshop7.0. With a transparent background. I've tried to save it in BMP , PNG, JPEG, TIFF... but in lightwave background is white. Why?! In which format I have to save logo to get transparent background in lightwave ? HELP!!! Cave:confused:

02-11-2004, 06:37 AM
This is a pretty basic RTFM question cave.

You have been saving the files as 32bit?

You aren't going to have much luck if you use those bitmap types that do not support an alpha channel - Try tga or PSD.

You can make sure your image does contain an alpha channel once it is loaded, because the image editor will say 32bit when you select your image from the list. You should also make sure you have Alpha Channel Enabled here.

You also need to realise that a 32 bit image used as a texture will just display as normal - not with transparancy.

To use the alpha channel to make an area of an object transparent, you need to add it to the transparancy channel, and set the trans. value to something other than 0. Using Texture layers as alpha is a different matter.