View Full Version : Depth blur problems.

03-12-2003, 12:44 AM
Can I take advantage of RLA & RPF in PS7, or will the PSD format work for this? I'm trying to set up a few objects at varying distances from the camera and have the objects in the center be in focus while the objects in the foreground & background are out of focus. But I want to be able to change the focus on the fly. I went to the LW Next Dimension Tour in Houston hosted by Lee Stranahan and did this, but he used Fusion. I believe he used the Z-Buffer to accomplish this or the object ID. When he did it he just clicked on the object he wanted to be in focus and it automatically changed focus as he clicked on the various objects.
I have not been able to simulate the effect. I have AE 5.5 also, so if I can do this in there please let me know.

03-12-2003, 03:41 PM
The RLA will import into AE 5.5 (might require the Production version!), but the DOF options are weak in AE, nothing like what you saw at the LW Tour.

Your best bet may be to use the DOF in LW on the camera, and the Range Finder plug on the central object of your group (or a slightly forward of center object). DOF can be enveloped, so you can change over time in the animation. Unfortunately there isn't an automatic setup for this built in, although I recall Flay listing a DOF plug-in that might be better than the mixture above.