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03-11-2003, 08:38 PM
I want to buy a laptop and run LW on it so I can get some work done in my down time at my job. I don't need the fastest chip, probably any where between 1&2Ghz will be fine. I'd like a video card w/@ least 32 MB and I want to be able to upgrade to between 512-1G of RAM. Videocard wise I would ideally like either a Geforce or Radeon, but if there are other viable options I'm all ears. Also, are there anyother considerations I'm might be overlooking in a laptop For LW. If you have any suggestions on places to get good deals or can suggest a good model of laptop please chime in.


03-12-2003, 07:12 AM
Do you mean what is a good brand? Sounds like you have a pretty good idea of the specs you want, so I would go someplace like cnet.com and look at hardware reviews to see which manufacturer has the best reliability. Personaly, my wife has a Toshiba that I like pretty well. Make sure it has a pointing device you like, that will probably be what "makes or breaks" the experience for you. I assume you will actually travel with it? If you don't plan to travel with it, buy a desktop.

03-12-2003, 11:03 AM
I love my Toshiba Satellite 5205. Basically exact specs you listed, using it for Lightwave right now.

2GHz P4-M
GeForce 4 Go capable of 1600x1200 on a very nice screen, and can do multiple monitor support at you desktop or to a TV.
Stock 512MB, can go to 1GB
Good battery times
USB2.0, Firewire, Harmon Kardon speakers that actually sound great for a notebook.
Built in WiFi, 10/100 nic and modem.
Bay for another HD/CD/Battery
Good warranty, even onsite option. (Warranty issues will keep me from ever buying another Sony laptop again.)
Saw it at CompUSA for around $1800 - $1900 the other day.

Only downside is no parallel ports on it. So if you're still using a parallel dongle for LW you'll have to swap it out for a USB duo-dongle. Same for Aura. I've had mine for 3 months with not one problem.

This system is actually more powerful than my current desktop system (P4 1.8) except memory. Time to upgrade that for Toaster/Lightwave.

03-12-2003, 02:08 PM

Sony PFX 801

100+ Amd
512 Ram
8Mb geforce

Thats it really bo hoo, a good sony is allways good esp for reliability. Never had anything sony go down on me (bar my CTX moniter -by sony!) make sure you get a huge fan, ive melted previouse laptops due to LW


03-12-2003, 04:09 PM
No need for wahhhhh.
I just stated an opinion based on my experience with owning two different Sony laptops. Sony makes great stuff, no doubt, and 98% of the time it lasts and lasts and lasts. However when something does go wrong with a consumer product.....

My issue was a 6 week turn around time for a warranty laptop repair on a a non-user issue that cropped up after 8 weeks of use. From now on I don't buy a laptop that doesn't have at least the OPTION for next day service or onsite service. I don't care if I have to pay extra for the service...but with Sony their depot repair is your only option. The previous Sony laptop was handed down to a family member and is still running great.

Your experience is different, good.

But no need to be snotty about it.

03-15-2003, 04:08 PM
Whenever you look at a laptop to run a program like Lightwave, concentrate on the video card first....it will weed out a lot of options and narrow the field down quickly. The reason for this is because you can always throw more RAM in a laptop, but usually can't change out the video card, and that will have the biggest impact on the performance of Lightwave since most laptops nowadays are all fast enough to handle most LW projects as long as they aren't too huge and complex. The brand of the laptop doesn't make much difference, but some brands come preloaded with a bunch of stuff that runs in the background, just make sure to either disable or get rid of that stuff.

03-16-2003, 02:56 PM
im not being snotty...

Besides my CTX blew up, like smoke and burning blowing up, so i got it relpaced, and the replacement has the magnets out of line, so i need to get it replaced again!


03-17-2003, 11:00 AM
I've been running a Dell Precision m50 workstation laptop. LightWave runs fantastic on it. It has both USB and a parallel port so either dongle works. Dell's a bit spendy and overpriced for a personal budget, but if you get your employer to buy you one it's well worth it! :cool:

P4: 2.4 GHz
Quadro4 700 GoGL (64 MB RAM)

With the docking station, moving work from home to office is seamless and effective. The screen is one of the best I've seen on a laptop - displaying 1600x1200 natively and with style.

03-17-2003, 03:26 PM
I also opted for a DELL 8200 cause a local notebook refurb house dropped the price the day Dell released their new centrinos. $1400 mrnotebook.com

2 ghz moble
GeForce4 440 64Mg
512 ram - 1 dimm
40 gig drive
Win XP Pro
and WiFi pc card

Runs all my stuff great, but not to hot battery life. 2+ hrs. I'll always look for a plug where ever i'm sitting......