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02-03-2004, 06:04 PM
but I don't have the time now to learn LW script. :(
Here is the deal: (I will try to explain it in english)

Say I have a spiral (or any) curve and I want to move the first point 100% and the last 0%. The points in between sould be evaluated to match a certain progression (linear, ease in, ease out... etc.).
I have tried it and it works with the move tool in "Weight map" falloff mode, but I can only calculate a linear progression.

Imagine a curve with 5 points (a,b,c,d,e). Point "A" is set to 100% with the "set map value" tool and the last to 0%. I have calculated the lenght of the curve (say 5 cm), and then calculated the distance between A and each one of the points. A-B=2, then B's weight map should be set to 60% because B-E=3 and that represents a 60% of the length of the curve. Repeat the operation for each point, and you can get a sort of Shear tool that will not be limited by the views in modeler. But the progression between points is still linear.

This can be applied to curves or any selection of points doing the operation with the first and last selected.

If there already is a way to do this please don't hesitate to make me feel ignorant :)


Frane Zilic