View Full Version : DirectX support ?

02-03-2004, 03:49 PM
I don't know if this question has yet been posted, if so, please forgive me. :)
I just wanted to know if some DirectX support is planned for future releases as nowadays, DirectX reveals to be way faster than openGl in particular with 3Dcards supporting DirectX9.

Actually i'm using a Radeon 9600 and it really goes well and fast under 3dsmax with DirectX9 as it performs poorly under Lightwave's OpenGL. I assume the card is able to give good performances (even in well optimized OpenGL apps) and it certainly would be a shame if Lightwave's would'nt offer such performance.
I know this is not something easy to implement, but is this taken in consideration for future releases, and if so could we have some info on this ?

In the meantime i just hope that OpenGl improvements announced for [8] will be as good as i'm hoping for them to be. ;)

Thanks in advance.