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02-03-2004, 06:41 AM
Having come to the conclusion that (sadly) I'm just never going to have time to get into it, I am offering my (unopened, never installed or registered) full copy of Messiah Studio for sale.

Given the current pricing, US$650 seems very fair for a quick 'no-dicker' sale to me. I'd prefer a local sale (I'm in Toronto), so with the CAD$ where it is today, that works out to exactly $875 Canadian. I'll cover shipping anywhere in North America, with the proviso that the cash is in my hand before it goes. (I'll be happy to supply a couple hundred references to anyone who doesn't know me.)

I'll also knock US$25.00 off for a local sale (I'm in Toronto) since shipping isn't required in that case. Contact details in my .sig, e-mail offlist if you please.