View Full Version : Enhanced Plugin Bin Controls...

02-02-2004, 01:27 PM
The ability to copy/paste a plugin and its settings in Layout is a great addition to 7.5c... Let's take that one step further... ;)

When a plugin's settings are saved in a scene file, they're just text that looks like this :

Plugin DisplacementHandler 1 <PluginName>
Version 1
<Plugin Data>
<Plugin Data>
<Plugin Data>
<Plugin Data>

How about adding the ability to save a snippet of scene file to disk which specifies just the plugins and their settings, or load the scene file snippet back into another plugin bin from disk?

Currently, plugin bins have the following actions :

I would suggest adding :
Save Plugin
Load Plugin
Save All Plugins
Load All Plugins

Imagine being able to have plugin GROUP presets saved to disk, with the ability to load entire sets of plugins and their settings to a particular bin in the bink of an eye... ;) THAT would be handy!