View Full Version : Shaky Credit Roll

02-01-2004, 01:25 PM
Just recently did a short credit roll (first one on the toaster CG). It is about 30 seconds long. One rendered to rtv and placed on the timeline it plays but there are slight stutters in it. This may, or may not be related to prefs settings but I have pretty much tweaked myself out. I still get stuttering on occasion and find I am using force renders a lot more than in T2 (where I never had to use one). T3 has not been kind to me....System in Dual Zenons 1.8 with 1 gig ram, Supermicro MB, 8 IBM 10,000 63 GB IDE Drives in RAID showing 104 mb/s data transfer. I have set my prefs to 3.25 and 90 m/sec for cache and drives....In T2 I could do 4 to 5 layers flawlessly now I fight to do 2 layers.