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02-01-2004, 11:15 AM
I was wondering if Endomorphs in LightWave 8 have been updated at all to supoort Non-Linear morphs?

02-01-2004, 12:26 PM
Would be nice. All they would need to do is incorporate a slider in endomorph mode to allow you to alter the path of the linear endomorph. At Base it's at 0%, at full morph at 100% and partial morph anywhere inbetwen where the points will be interpolated between the morphs you create in that range.

02-01-2004, 01:57 PM
Well I found that we have them now:D
After so much complaining.

They stay with the scene files and not the object.

What I did was make an arm go from straight down to straight up
in 5 degree incraments and made a morph.
Then in Layout I put them back to back in motion mixer And made them 1 frame long (tho it says motion mixer needs 5 frames, it can be set later in properties panel).

Then I 'Baked' motions to 1 motion.

Got rid of all the smaller ones in timeline and loaded full morph and it works perfectly.
MUCH MUCH faster than bones in setup(layout) and the IK slowdown when skeligons are converted to bones.
CAn cut the motion to whatever you need, no more keyframing, so 25%, 59% 3% 98% and it's set

Takes time to set up but much faster in the end when doing long animations , as you can set 1 motion, load the same motion again and set new frames,

Like one with arm shooting fast halfway up then slowing to slowmotin the rest of way.
Shorten time line and arm zooms up, lenthen and arm slows.
Or just stop the morph at any point,(arm goes up then just stops)
Also in the graphs you can just reverse the motion,(goes up,stops,goes down).

But because morphs are ADDITIVE (2 morphs on same object deform object past morph target) you have to make sure 1 slider is Zero before the next is 100%, so First motion is arm up 5 degrees then next motion is Arm up 5 % set to halfway and Arm up 10% set to halfway, then next motion is 10% at full and 5% at 0.
The closer your movements are in modeler the smoother they will be in Layout, but the longer it takes to set up in motion mixer, but once done it's there forever. And no more bone weights to worry about,(perfect deformations done in modeler morph targets) and the ability to fade from 1 morph to another at any point in timeline.
And all you have to do is pick whatever motions you need from the bin.

Now if Newtek can keep the file in the object and not the scene.......

Tho you CAN load the object 'from scene' and it will also get the morphs.

02-03-2004, 05:07 AM
This is a really nice trick ! :D

however, I'd like to see built in non linear morphs, and actually I'd like to see 'em in layout for a complete char setup there. we will have the possibility to select points in layout, and since meshes are points, endomorph have the possibility to be set there.

the same is valid for weight maps. the possibility of a complete char setup in layout will speed animation workflow and will give also to newcomers in Lw the right tools were they are supposed to be.

02-03-2004, 06:01 AM
Have a look at our interview with Pawel Olas...