View Full Version : Inactive vs. Dissolved

03-11-2003, 01:48 PM
On page 12.3 the LW manual states in reference to the scene editor:

The checkmark column activates or deactivates items. Deactivating an object is like setting its Object Dissolve (Object Properties) to 100%...

This is not true. Either the manual is incorrect or there is a bug in LW 7.5/7.5b Mac. Setting the object to inactive, still casts shadows and reflections... setting the object dissolve to 100% stops casting of shadows and reflections... (Ideally I would like the checkmark to work just like object dissolve 100%, ie making the object not cast shadows or reflections).

Steps to reproduce:

Open new project
Add->Objects->Load Object... objects/misc/woodplatform.lwo
Add->Objects->Load Object... objects/misc/chromeball.lwo

Move platform to... 0,0,1m
rotate to 0,90,0

Open surface editor and select the woodplatform:base
remove the reflection map and set Reflection to 100%

in Render options: activate raytracing for shadows and reflections
Render... looks normal...

Open scene editor and turn the chrome ball inactive by turning off the checkmark...

Render again, the shadow is still there and even a reflection...

Instead set the ball object's dissolve to 100% and render again, the shadow and reflection will not be there...

So which is wrong? The manual or the program?