View Full Version : Beta testers Wanted for New Character rigging plugin

01-29-2004, 04:33 AM
Hi All
I'm Just getting the finishing touches on a Auto Character rigging plugin for Lightwave 7.5c, And looking for afew people to help with the final Testing, and workflow as I write the tutorials and Manual, mainly looking for a small number of

A/ Character animator's that would like the test some Rigs and give there ideas on how to improve the Rig,
Also work on exsample animation scenes to be supplied with package - Tutorial and Manual )

B/ Character Modelers who want a easy rigging plugin
and supply models for animation tests that will be supplied with package - Tutorial and Manual )
send link's to your work if you got em :clap:

At the moment this rig is pure Lightwave no special plugins are used to run the finished Rig ( Fast to animate this way ),
Not even follower or proxy pick. And the only expressions used are in the facual rig i would like to keep it that way =).
This plugin supplies a Great IK Rig, weighted and with animation control points setup but can easily be edited and changed :sunsm:

email me here [email protected]

Here's a exsample Pic
a basic model I've made total Modeling and rigging time 4 hours
including facual joystick rig

01-29-2004, 12:39 PM
..I like the sound of "no special plugins" - much more transferable to freelance artists etc... A concern is no expressions... shoulder joint rotations can be awful without some expression control... have you found a way around this? No time at the mo to help test I am afraid... but interested in the final result

01-29-2004, 04:12 PM
I use Ik to control the shoulders and the bank channel of the Shoulder bone give alittle more control

But the main thing about the plugin is it's a very good base rig
If you prefer expression shoulder control just add it in and get rid of the control in there now

to rig a character it take 30 sec in layout so speading an extra 5 min to redo the shoulder the way you lik isn't a problem :D