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01-28-2004, 07:29 PM
Hi, I'm new to lightwave, and I'm learning fairly fast, but for all the things I've learned here recently, I still don't know 2 things that I should have learned a long time ago, so if someone here can help, please do!

1. I know there are points and polygons...but what do you call the lines that connect 2 points? Those aren't polygons, right? Cause I thought a polygon needed at least 3 points, like in a triangle....

2. I know how to create simple things like boxes in Lightwave, but I can't figure out for the life of me how to make one of the polygons invisible....surely there is a way to do this?

I'm thinking sometime in the future, there will be an object or two I'll make and want a polygon or two to be seen in Modeler, but not visible when rendered. Turning transparecy up to 100% didn't even help.

Thanks for your help, it is MUCH appreciated!


01-28-2004, 07:48 PM
1. Lightwave uses one and two point polys for special circumstances, the manual has info on some of the uses, like hair guides made of two point poly chains to use with Sas lite.

2. Did you also try turning diffuse and specular to zero?

01-28-2004, 07:54 PM
Thanks for the info...!

No, I didn't try that, but I will right now, and post back in just a second...

01-28-2004, 07:59 PM
I am a fool, I swear it didn't work before, but this time it did...go figure :)

01-29-2004, 03:36 AM
If it's a specific object you want to make invisible, there are options in Layout to dissolve it or make it unseen by camera and/or rays (these also render quicker than transparency).

01-29-2004, 07:28 PM
Thanks again for the info, but since I already created this thread, I did have another quick question.

I've learned a lot here recently, thanks to tutorials, and your guy's help, but one thing I can't seem to figure out would be how to group objects together in modeler (and layout as well, actually :p) so that if I move one, they all move.

I know I can Shift-Select them all, but that gets tedious. Also I suppose I could use the layers, but surely there is a quicker way to assign a bunch of parts (i.e. wheels and stuff on a car), to be a group, so that when I move/rotate/whatever, it will affect all those objects, right?

Thanks again, it means a lot.

01-29-2004, 07:36 PM
To move them in modeler, you just have to either select everything you want to move together, or you have to put them in their own layer with nothing selected. Basically, nothing being selected in modeler means the same thing as having everything selected. Same goes for Layout, everything that is on the same layer will move at once.

01-29-2004, 07:56 PM
in modeler you can also select items based on their surfaces. use the stat panel while is polygon mode and click and hold surface, select the surface you want and click on the plus sign.

01-29-2004, 08:41 PM
Thanks, you guys rock.

Once I master the basics, I'll be starting on bones and all, but I expect that to be a while down the road :)