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01-27-2004, 09:37 AM
I am offering professional mod chip installation and professional case modification. I do this as a hobby, but since I am having a baby girl in 3 months I am trying to get some extra cash.

Mod chip installation $25.00
HD installation $10.00
Mod chip plus installation $65.00
Ask about chips plus HD installations
(Prices of premods coming soon)

The mod chip I use Xecuter 2.3B Lite. Works on all version of XBOX. I also offer a 6 month warranty on the system (provided the warranty sticker has not been removed or tampered with

1 Color Paint job $30.00
2 Color Paint job $35.00
Both come with a coat of clear coat

1 color paint job on the controller $20.00
comes with a coat of clear coat

Jewel Mod (top of xbox cleared and with 4 5mm leds) $25.00
Eject board mod (front face plate of the xbox) 2 3mm leds $20.00

I can also do fans that have leds on the for the back case fan on the xbox. I can get customized jewels with designs on them for the top of the xbox to be clear so when you have the lights it shines very nicely.


for more information please contact me via emial @
[email protected]

also there is some pics of my custom built computers incase anyone is wondering about that.