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01-25-2004, 03:48 PM
For Sale:

Desktop Image's Character Modeling & Animation with Lightwave 3D, Todd Grimes - 5 DVD set

"This complete series offers an "artist study" of the process of character animation. Observe how each element is created in detail, as it happens providing a thorough presentation of essential concepts and techniques. Watch through the eyes of the artist as he molds each object from the conceptual drawings to completed animation. Step-by-step, you are guided through the thought process and techniques to capture the essence of the character, all while learning the tools and insights of LightWave 3D. "

* Head Modeling
* Facial Detail
* Body Modeling
* Object Rigging
* Body Detail
* Facial Animation
* Lip Sync
* Body Animation

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$200 for the whole 5 DVD set. Reply/Email/PM for more information.