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01-25-2004, 12:31 AM

I have a few questions.
In my animation movie I want to have animated models appear and act in a real environment. How to do it the right way? What I was thinging is take a video capture of a scene with my digital camcoder and then to render models moving with the "blue" background and then add that captured video to a blue background so it would be like they acting in the real world...

My question is what is a "blue screen" and how to use it? (What colors, properties, and stuff... in other words when it comes to rendering it should be the same color right? without any shades just plain? :() I'm using Vegas 4 for my video editing program and I'm not sure how to combine both, the rendering and the video that I captured with this blue screen.

Please help,


01-25-2004, 02:14 AM
Not sure about Vagas 4 but in the VT I just use a black Bkgrnd and and let the VT take out the black.
If I have something that is black on model, then I pick a color that is nowhere to be found in model and remove that color in VT.

Computers can do better at any color (not necessarily blue or green).

Blue and green screens are used in live production because of the complete absence of them in skin and hair and shadow colors.

But you want your color totaly 1 shade
like red=000

or any color you choose.

01-25-2004, 02:26 AM
I see, thank you.