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03-10-2003, 05:20 PM
This is a posting for upcoming contract work for Lightwave modelers/animators in the Los Angeles area. South of Santa Monica.

The initial work phase has been funded so I am looking for a contract based worker to help with various aspects of 3D work. The project involves recreating key WWII aerial battles. Future features will cover experimental aircraft designs of the era.

It's prefered that persons have a genuine interest or knowledge of the era or subject matter.

Please provide a list of skill sets and resume.
Reference to your work online as well as sample animations would be appreciated in getting things started. If you are interested please contact me for details.

[email protected]

Thanks You,

Richard Cabrera

03-13-2003, 10:33 PM
I felt I should post this update that has been sent to those who responded.

It is important to note that we are located 10 minutes South of Santa Monica via the 405. The artist(s) need to be able to meet with me at the Torrance facility for production meetings with other artists.

For clarity, this is not an Internet position. People do not need to work on site with the exception of making production meetings.

I will also need a demo reel for review. There may be ways around this, so contact me anyways.

Here is a summary of the scope of what is needed.


I will need a sample of your work via either a web site or emailed to me for initial review. If your works are part of a group effort I will need to know which elements you actually produced.

Current Lightwave Version is 7.5 not 7.5b

Currently the company has a variety of aircraft models built. Some of these will need texturing and geometry elements refined for variants in final production. There may be some aircraft that will need to be developed from the ground up as we hit full production.

Other models that will be needed are aircraft bases for fighter groups and bombers as well as assorted base vehicles. Bomb targets such as Refineries and factories are in the current planning. I'll need town and cityscapes for low and high altitude shots.


Skill Sets

I am looking more for well-rounded modelers/animators as opposed to specialists. The contract team
is going to be small and I need them to hit on all cylinders. Team work and communication are going
to be key.

MODELER (Short List)
Making models keeping polygon counts in mind. UV mapping and texture painting.

LAYOUT (Short List)
A bigger part is setting up scenes, effects, and a familiarity with hypervoxels and creating a variety of effects using other Layout features and shaders.

Experience with character animation would be a great bonus but not needed.

List any other skill sets aside from Lightwave
Any skill sets that you have that can help production outside the Lightwave environment.


Modeling Animation and Scene consideration examples

Raids on Ploesti

Raids on Schweinfurt

Ground attacks

Individual engagements between allied and Luftwaffe fighters

Pilots scrambling for their fighters to intercept incoming bombers

More importantly is that these scenes will be based on actual pilots accounts and stories. So it's not just random scripted furballs. Conditions and atmosphere are key as pilot and gunner positions will be reproduced as close as possible. The story has equal billing.


Goals for Short Term Long Term

This project is designed to be the 1st in a series. So whomever I go with will be assured work on future productions if deadlines and budgets are met.

Familiarity with PC gaming (We'll get into that later)

If you have any further questions please contact me.

[email protected]