View Full Version : camera or null data export to after effects, and...

01-24-2004, 08:38 AM
I am a designer in nyc, I work for a major cable network. I also freelance doing commercials show opens, among other things. (I am hoping that has an extra effect on my requests). One major request that my designer friends and I want is camera or null object data that transfers easily to after effects. The other major request is advanced snake function. One major request is to do arrow animations, an example would be grafitti animating as it is written..(really cool huh) you can do it now but need complex ik chains, basically its a pain, there should be a path you attach the object to the path voila. With the current snake function the object breaks when sharp angles or loops are created. If you can do these I can convince more of my designer friends to switch to lightwave. If you notice cinema 4d is trying appealling to the after effects 3d wanna be, by creating hooks between the programs...we know which program is better but they have some advantages right now. thanks I appreciate all you have done. Lightwave is a fantastic program