View Full Version : Object collision help

01-23-2004, 11:49 AM
Hey there everyone,
I'm kinda a newbie and trying to working on a logo animation at my internship. alas i am one of two people who knows anything about lightwave here and i had a question thought maybe yall could help me with. I am sure there is an easy answer i just can't seem to find it... here goes...
the logo animation is set up so that the logo is broken into pieces which swirl around the camera shooting at the camera and narrowly missing that kinda of thing. The field of view is filled with pieces to make it look full all fo which are doing their own movements and such... i was wondering if there was a way to use object collision properties or some other setting so that i didn't have to worry about all the pieces flying through each other. thanks alot for any help you can give me guys