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01-21-2004, 07:44 AM
Picked up a demo sx8 from my dealer, including an update to VT3.

I cleaned off my PC and peformed a fresh install of the OS and all of my software.

After installing VT3, I noticed that I could no longer access/launch the audio mixer panel from within the speaker volume settings dialog. Giving me an error that something was wrong with the configs, or that I should reinstall. Same deal with the toaster vision and proc amp.

Starting up VT3 otherwise went without a hitch and everything worked, including the demo SX8. That was friday. Monday, I'm on location setting up to shoot the companies annual shareholders meeting. I have two cameras, including audio coming from a third party audio crew.

Well, I setup the PC, fired up the VT3 and whoa, the video signal in from the Y/C was corrupt. Not only that, the SX8 intiated on using comp in and not Y/C in (I thought it was supposed to recognize the live inputs and switch accordingly). Comp in is B/W, and the signal is moving all over the place. In Y/C, I get a lot of green and very garbled image, also out of sync. However, the audio portion of the switcher is working pefectly. Bad cables for video?

So I swapped out the SX8's video in/out cables from the toaster card side, using the orginal cable's that came with the toaster and the signals were perfect. Cept I can only use one camera input now. No matter, I can get by with one camera -though I'd rather have two for the sake of making the shoot more interesting, etc.

Calling my vendor, he recommended that I reinstall the VT3. Whoops. It wouldn't uninstall, giving me an error. So I had to clean the system off again. I also reseated the toaster card and SX8 card, ensuring they were properly connected and tight.

Reinstalled VT3, fired it up and same problem.

So I removed the VT3 software, manually using instructions found on this forum. Going back to VT2 3980. Although I have access to my audio/proc amp/vision panels outside of VT, I still have the input video as showing corrupt.

The SX8 or it's video cables could be bad, and I might have to send the whole thing in. Just wondering if anyone had a similiar problem with theirs?

I also wonder why I can not access the audio mixer fromt he volume pannel in VT3, what changed?

I'm calling tech support today, just thought I'd post here to see if anyone can shed some light. Here are my machine specs:

Dell Precision 650, Dual Xeon 3.06GHz, 1gig RAM, 320scsi on mobo with 200gig array. Soundmax intergrated digitial audio. Nvidia Quadro 1000.

01-21-2004, 09:07 AM
We're running VT3 on a 650 dualie as well, with XP Pro, and the SX-8, the RS-8, and the genlock daughter card.

I don't quite understand when you say that you can't access the audio mixer from the speaker dialog box, but you should know first that it is recommended that you disable the on-board audio, and use the Toaster audio hardware only.

Secondly, our first SX-8 was defective and had to be replaced. Similar issues as what you describe. So a hardware failure is possible, and you should try another SX-8.

01-21-2004, 10:26 AM
I already disabled the audio both in driver and also in bios with no luck. I should have the board looked at as well as the the BOB.

VT2 doesn't seem to care if audio is enabled or disabled. Only VT3 is giving me fits on this.


Jim Capillo
01-21-2004, 04:15 PM
Just tossing something out here, but you don't have any packet writing software installed, do you? I know EasyCD Direct CD wreaks havoc - and there are others. :confused:

01-21-2004, 07:52 PM
wish it was that. All I have is windows, updates, adobe, and some macromedia software. (I use nero 5 for burning).

Two minutes prior to showtime, the whole system froze on me. I had to reboot and fireup the VT in a hurry -talking about sweaty palms. Fortunately I had a tape rolling in the camera 'just-in-case'. However, the video feed to an overflow room was patched through the toaster, so they missed the first two minutes -fortunately they were fellow employees and not members of the board, or voting public.

To add insult, even though I selected the proper feed in the switcher, I had to select the input on the bob and press the Enter key to make the switch happen. (A work around that I remembered reading earlier on this forum). I don't know if that's a bug, but usually when you select the input in the switcher, it should switch?

I will be calling tech support first thing in the morning to see how I can send this thing back for repairs. None-the-less many of my peers and supervisors were impressed with the VT and now want to look into providing live video conferencing and pumping wmv signals to remote locations for future events.

All I can do was smile and say "Yeah we can do that." (right then I thought about the six-pack of Modelo I have in the fridge... I'm drinking one now)

Good night.

02-02-2004, 07:21 AM
Seems the SX8 was bad, and is with Newtek for repairs.
Meanwhile, I've reinstalled the card and VT3 v4744. When accessing the speaker properties (via the taskbar icon), hitting the advanced key, and selecting the audio mixer I get the following error:

"Failed to connect to the Video Toaster configuration windows. Please check your Video Toaster installation."

Any hints as to why this is happening? This is a fresh install on clean OS. Also, VT2 did not exhibit this problem, regardless of whether I enabled or disabled the onboard audio.