View Full Version : Exporting splines?

03-10-2003, 11:21 AM
I've modeled my current waterblock in LW, with splines, and now to get it CNC'd, I need to export the data out of LW, possibly to a format which could be opened in Microstation or SurfCam.

But LW only seems to export polygon info in obj, dxf or 3ds, and only polygons am I right?
If anyone knows a way to get splines out of LW, I'd be happy to hear ;)

Basically only the water-channel splines need to be exported, so there's not that much data so I could for an example write down the individual verticles and somehow regenerate the data in MS or SC... Ah, I dunno, but if there's a simple way to get splines out of LW and i.e. convert that exported format to some other (IGES?), I'd love to hear.