View Full Version : Scenery outside window & camera motion

01-20-2004, 01:21 PM
I am preparing to do some sequences of a room with a window..I have a plane outside my window, and a photograph mapped to that plane.. (by 'plane,' I mean not an airplane, but a flat surface used to "hold" my scenery photo.)

That photograph renders fine, but in my test pans, this scenery seems to have an incidence angle to the camera which is always straight-on to the camera..

This makes sense to me, but I wonder if my attempt to get scenery outside of my window this way is the wrong way to go?

The window is incidental to my scene..in fact, the entire room itself serves to give location to the main point of interest, so I don't need pants-wetting realism, but also don't need the scenery to look like a static poster.

Any thoughts?