View Full Version : The Party Is On!!!

01-19-2004, 11:17 AM
The Party WILL take place!
While we are still way short, Iím sure weíll get close enough so I donít get stuck with a huge balance. I know itís still too early to think about and youíve always come through at the end.

Next on the agenda is where. While doing it at the MGM is much easier and all ready to go, Iím still looking at options. The Hilton would actually be a ďlittleĒ cheaper, but they couldnít handle us till Tuesday.
Monday just works so well for the majority of people. Several get in Sunday or Monday and many start to head out Tuesday night. Monday allows for the easiest attendance for all so Iím inclined to stay with Monday.

Iíll make some more calls today and see what other options are available. Priorities are, on the strip where most people stay, a nice clean facility. One that can handle last minute requests, i.e. extra tables, stands for signs, etc. A place that does their own food.
And most importantly, a big enough space that can handle 200-300 people in the same room, not broken up into small areas.

A REALLY BIG THANK YOU to everyone who e-mailed their commitment early. Iíll move forward with the rest of the details now.

Iím still looking for a name. Any thoughts?

01-20-2004, 11:45 AM
For a name, how about "NewTek Alien Bash 04", using the NAB acronym? Kind of long, but maybe?