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01-19-2004, 02:51 AM
dumb question I know, but LW7.0 had mpeg-4 video compression ability, but there's nothing in LW 7.5 that compresses the same. (an Indeo Video 5.10 is file 20 times as big!! )

What compression formats would you advise to use when making avi's from jpeg thro' the render box in LW ??

The resulting video is to be viewed on various assorted laptops/pc s

Thanks all, Freebie

01-19-2004, 04:12 AM
My advice would be to render out of Lightwave in an uncompressed form, then compress it later.

Render from Lightwave as either an uncompressed Quicktime or AVI, or one with "lossless" compression (such as Quicktime's "Animation" setting). Alternately, render from Lightwave as an image sequence.... PSD, PNG, TIFF, Targa are all lossless image formats as they come out of Lightwave.

JPEG is great for the web, but not so good for making your master, as it's a "lossy" format. Quality is lost every time.

Then use some other application for compressing. On the Mac, Quicktime Pro (which you download from Apple's website at a small cost) can convert either a Quicktime or AVI into an MPEG-4 video. Apple also makes a Quicktime Pro for Windows, so check out their site:
It may be the cheapest application that can convert from one format to another. It can also convert an image sequence into either a Quicktime or an MPEG-4. This may be what you want!

MPEG-4 is a pretty good format for putting things on the web. Small file sizes, and it's the most cross-platform format there is.