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Mark Patrick
01-18-2004, 09:25 PM
Hi Mark!

I have used Promise (SX6000), 3ware (7506 & 8506) and no cards can compare to this card. I have benchmarked and tested all cards and RAIDCore is the best. Read Tomshardware for other reviews about this card.

It is hard to find info and purchase these cards because you need to have a resellers license to get them, and it is a new company that is starting out in the RAID market. I have spoken with the support team and customer service and they are all very knowledgeable and willing to help.

Here is my story and you may pass it around..
I was in the market searching for a perfect raid card and was not satisfied with the way 3ware and promise performed. The cards had a 2 Terabyte limit and i was trying to build something bigger than that. I did alot of searching and reading, looked at performance specs and price ratio and RAIDCore came out on top.

There are many things about these cards that I never knew when my company bought the cards. Here are a few notes.

The cards have the ability to add space to an array without deleting the array and recreating it. HUGE for expandability. 3ware and promise you need to delete the array and then recreate it to make it larger. Next was the way the cards communicated if more than one card was in a system. RAIDCore cards have a cable to link the cards and talk to one another. You can create one array across all cards. just awesome!
3ware and Promise do not even talk to one another. so your limited to only the card that the drives are on and not all the drives across all the cards.

Spread the word if you like. I have been very pleased with the product. I have been using it for about 2 months now and no problems. And you canít beat the price! I think the last time I checked the 3ware 8506-12 card is about 7 - 8 hundered dollars.

Thank you for your time,
Adam Bielanski
PhatLan Enterprises LLC
209-383-9664 x11