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Tony Nelson
03-10-2003, 12:33 AM
I'd like to pose a couple of questions to everyone who uses this forum about the state of digital art-related empolyment throughout the world.

Last week, johnnyh66 has started a thread regarding jobs for animators in the Los Angeles area. I also reside in Chicago and I am currently working on finishing a new demo reel that I plan to use to apply for work both in and out of the US. I'm sure everyone knows that our economy is in the 7th Circle of Hell right now and, as a result, some forms of digital media work are starting to dry up in certain areas. I know that work is definitely more plentiful in California and to a lesser degree New York, but I've been reading recently about other cities such as Sydney and Amsterdan that are becoming very well known for a thriving digital art community. I guess what I want to know os how are you guys and gals doing finding work where you are, and I mean that for individuals who are looking for steady salary-paying jobs or freelance gigs and companies who are hunting for clients.

I'm not asking this as a cheap method of finding out which city is the best place to relocate to so those of you who are in fear of hundreds of unemployed Mountain-Dew addicted digital artists from the states moving to your neck of the woods just relax. When the states first started doing traditional animation during the first half of the 20th century, most if not all of was done here (California to be specific), but over time more and more of it was being done overseas to bring down the costs. One thing that I learned from Siggraph last summer is that there is a lot of amazing digital art that is being done overseas that (unless we do the research, which we should) we don't even have the opportunity to see, mainly because it is being conceived for clients in other countries. I'm also concerned that with companies such as Animal Logic, the Mill and Peter Jackson's FX house, digital media and CG animation may end up going the same route as traditional animation.

I don't view this as a bad thing. I love what I do so much that I'd be willing to move overseas for my career (if W doesn't screw that up by going to war... though be may already have) I definitely plan on relocating sometime during the summer since Chicago (a great city whose support in our line of work has always been weak) probably won't improve even after the recession ends. Before I pack my bags though, I just want to make sure that whereever I go it is a place that definitely has more that one FX house and has a better employment rate for digital artist than Chicago. I know that our business has never really been 100% stable even before the recession, but I just don't want to get into the habit of having to move from town to town every two years.

Sorry for the long post. Hopefully I didn't sound like too much of a dumbass.:)

03-10-2003, 03:06 AM
Hello Dumbass!:D
Just joking!

I moved from England to Japan for a number of reasons. I seriously NEEDED to be here and as soon as possible, but I wasn`t thinking of relocating without a job to come to. For this reason I had to wait about three years longer than I wanted to before I could make the move.

Life for everyone is tough at the moment all over; and not just in the CG industries. I`d advise you to stay where you are just now and put out feelers to places you want to live. I don`t think you really want to be in a foreign country without a job! That`s just too rough!

Anyway, best of luck,


Tony Nelson
03-11-2003, 04:08 AM
Thx Rory_L for the wish of luck.

I definitely don't plan to leave until I have a job locked down. I just wanted to see if it was just us (the US) that was suffering or was it everyone else. Hope things are somewhat better in Japan.

03-11-2003, 06:35 AM
My son was caught by the dot com bust in SF and found work in New Zealand, where he now lives, raising a family and is quite happy. The way he did it was to first contact as many companies in NZ as he could find on the net and arrange for job interviews. When he had about five lined up, he flew over there and got a job on the second interview. His company now has this on there website:

(name of company)....is always looking for talented and creative individuals designers, developers, writers and project managers.

We offer a dynamic and stimulating work environment, a great team of people, exciting projects, opportunities to grow your talents, and offices in the heart of .... (cities in 2 countries left out)

Send me a private e-mail and I'll give you more information. Please everybody, Tony asked first so don't write me. The pay is low, the country stunningly beautiful, the pace slow and the local talent is trying to get their feet in here. That's the way life goes with us immigrants ... you need the right kind of passion to just do it.

BTW, my other son travels to Europe every year, where he always finds temp jobs on the spot -- but he is more of a multi-media programmer.

I'll be out for most of the day today, Tony, so if you write, I might reply late or tomorrow.

Paul Fierlinger