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01-14-2004, 07:14 PM
Here is a link to an article from a business mag that is on the front page of Newtek site.


In the article this quote is stated:

Within a few months, Newtek will release LightWave 3D's eighth version and it expects to see a big demand.

01-14-2004, 07:20 PM
edit: Sorry

Elmar Moelzer
01-14-2004, 07:21 PM
some people are really picky huch?
You dont know when that article was written or when the interview took place.
And then if it is a monthly magazine, the article had to be finished almost a month earlier before it went to print.
So I would not worry about that all to much...

01-14-2004, 07:32 PM
Yeah, I am a bit picky.

However this is a web magazine that give up to date news 24 hrs a day 7 days a week and is not a monthly magazine. The web date that this is posted is 1/14/03 and that animation has only recently become available.

Therefore, I think it is safe to assume that this interview took place within the last few days.

Elmar Moelzer
01-14-2004, 08:34 PM
hey Slayer, thanks for correcting me.
Still wouldnt be too worried just because of that.
Cheer up a bit and watch the cool videos William has done for us.
Honestly, if you look at them, does LW8.0 look that unfinished?

01-14-2004, 08:59 PM
Yeah, the videos are killer and I am still learning anyway so everything is just bonus to me. I am just anxious is all.

I think everything looks great except I wish they took some pointers on the interface/color scheme and made it look as some of the other mocked-up ones that people have done.

The best part of this is the amount of new books and such that are going to come out because of this! Go to www.barnesandnoble.com and do a search for Lightwave 8. There is alot of upcoming titles. Do the same on Amazon and get different results. Between these two, there are a few that show that I did not even know were coming!

Elmar Moelzer
01-14-2004, 09:03 PM
Oh yeah, I have seen that!
I am very happy about this. You know I have been using LW for many years now, but I still love to learn new techniques every day. Guess that with all the books and DVDs coming out in the near future we will all be much better soon ;)

01-14-2004, 10:53 PM
Once again I find myself angry.

At this point a solid release date is a MUST. If they are in beta, they should be able to get an idea on problems and estimate a release date.

All of the marketing in 2003 hinted VERY STRONGLY we "could" see LW [8] released Q4 2003.

It did not happen.

NewTek marketing created videos, other information, and a feature list. All of this was very much appreciated.

The release date on the website was changed to "later this year". Grrrrrrr. So vague as to be extremely irritating.

Now this article says the release is within a few months. I guess we can be happy it changed from "later this year" to "winthin a few months."

But even when it said "later this year" I believed there was no way NewTek would make us wait any longer than to the end of January 04. Now, I am not so sure.

Very discouraged LW user,

01-15-2004, 02:11 AM
i agree. it would ease my suffering a great deal if newtek would simply give me an idea of when to expect it. next week? next month? july? 2005? i'm getting pretty frustrated.

01-15-2004, 03:03 AM
And i am beginning to have trouble to justify the pre-release deal i talked my boss into. Donīt get me wrong, i am happy having DFX, but tell that to a $$ fixated accountant,LOL.

Bottomline, i would appreciate a statement concerning the date as well.

01-15-2004, 03:14 AM
Other than the odd moan about the state of Modeler, I'm quite phylisophical about the release of LW8 now, but I can see a lot of people being very unhappy if Q4 2003 turns into Q2 2004.

01-15-2004, 07:24 AM
Originally posted by CB_3D
And i am beginning to have trouble to justify the pre-release deal i talked my boss into. Donīt get me wrong, i am happy having DFX, but tell that to a $$ fixated accountant,LOL.

Bottomline, i would appreciate a statement concerning the date as well.

Just send the accontant an invoice for the full cost of DFX+
then tell him thats how much you saved him:D

01-15-2004, 07:51 AM
Actually, the free "gift" is not so important comapred to the product he payed for. Therefore a company would care that its money has been spent in 2003, and the end of the year there is no product yet. It`s an unfulfilled payment, THAT is what the accountant care of.

01-15-2004, 08:30 AM
Exactly where i wanted to get, thx j3st3r. I can explain over and over what advantages DFX brings to my workflow, and that it is a good deal compared to full fusion. Thatīs not the point. I kind of understand them, though. Sadly i wonīt feel confortable with this kind of pre-release deals in the future. I am not saying the release should be rushed now that we crossed the "deadline", but an official new estimated date less... vague than it is now... should be issued.