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01-13-2004, 12:40 AM
k like someone sed sed 4 the new people whoo have just started using these improvements are cool and stuff

i am also a new user GOING ON ABOUT 9 MOnTHS 2 a year AND it the first app ive learned ..i just started learning maya as well like 2 weesk ago ( not going great ) anyway i only think the worth while improvements so far have been in layout ..i like the addtional dynamics and dope sheet and the functionality towards keyframing and more control

other than that im not to shock and aww like i sed basically before i had all of these added tools in modeler already for the 7.5 version as most of them are dstorms plugins if there where just gonna incorporate just pluigins why not add an old version of nature fx or eki 's sky city and seagen while ur at it or put in a new verwsion of treedesigener lil bs like that would at least make me happy

did they updae the preset libary
whut about saslite anyupdates?? not sure if you can yet but i don't think you can ) how about saslite responding to fx or md (maybe hard seeing it base on the principles of light but hey you get paid to think of this stuff so poeple like me can buy it) or how about sas being able to be used more than 8 instances or at least increase its point legal point count .. i mean we still won't have half the tip color and all that stuff that the real sasquatch has

how about some hv fluids lookin more like water rather than taffy hate having to send them over to real flow and on the topic haven't seen much on fliud dynamics as a beginer it was hell for me to find out how to get a boat to move through water and cuase regular effects had to study md ( of the net cuase there nothing really in any of the books for this tool) hmm hpe these dynamics can cope with this and i don't need a pluging like boolean texture or have to put and invisible boat bottom in my scene as a partical emmietr for it to look decent

another suggestion this is for modeler how about incorportaing terrgen (landscape modeling to very very good) into modeler..rataher than having to do creating these depth maps in photoshop

check out david ikeas tools 4 modeler as well magnifico
all of them

...im just tossing ideas here

don't know i guess i was thinking as an upgrade there would be some big leaps of heroism abd new ideas that would seperate lightwave from the rest not necessarily ahead or behind but as of a different aspect .. to me it seems like there trying to achieve the different part but not with new thoughts and its making lightwave look like a trying be 3dmax, c4d, maya app whens to me its not far better or anything like that but is my prefered app and in the updates so far its like they're half stepping since i been learning maya i don't wnat to end up converting all the way becuase it will end up more cost effective or any bs want to be like (xtrem3d) and use both lol

i have a dumb but extreme thought how about allowing the app to allow textures just surfaces in terms of uv map to be hmm whuts the word here somehow link.. i was wacthing the new cel shader ink think and the thought came to me ..how cool would it be if the color picker had a eyedrop tool like in picky ( color pick plug) and you could select a color range and threshold to be in terfacable with saslite ..lights ..glow ...specific shaders .etc.think how easy skin shading and eye browes and city light with uv maping would be rather than having to add hot lights and sh*T...hmmm anyone know how to wrtie scripts and that kind stuff

NB i din't mention ngons or true edge weighting

01-13-2004, 05:37 AM
Try to remember that this update is really about bringing some of the crucial functionality that LightWave has been lacking for a long time into the app - there's no way all the things that everybody wanted could make it into this release 'cause there was a development hiatus whilst NewTek assembled a new team.

NewTek has already stated that there will be more (and more regular) updates to follow (.1 .2. 3 perhaps) and I'm pretty sure that we'll see a lot of the stuff that people have been clamouring for appear during the lifespan of 8.x...

Having glimpsed the features list (before it was taken down), I for one am very happy with the new developments - if this is what the team can do in such a short space of time I can't wait to see what comes next.

Now if only NewTek could sort us VT[3] LightWave users an upgrade path... :)

01-13-2004, 05:46 AM
Originally posted by Aegis
I'm pretty sure that we'll see a lot of the stuff that people have been clamouring for appear during the lifespan of 8.x...

Amen to that.

Having glimpsed the features list (before it was taken down),

You lucky swine! ;) ..Mind you, glimpsed list or not, I have to admit I haven't been this excited about a LW release in a while!

01-13-2004, 10:43 AM
oh how long have they bin working on this upgrade???

01-13-2004, 11:56 AM
I couldn't tell you for sure but my guess would be less time than you've spent learning LightWave ;)

01-13-2004, 12:25 PM
Originally posted by Ziah
check out david ikeas tools 4 modeler as well magnifico
all of them

I guess NewTek have already "checked out" David Ideda's tools.