View Full Version : lets here it one more time for ngons!

01-09-2004, 11:16 PM
I know this has been said before, however I'll state it again with an actual reason behind the request:

I would like ngon support in Lightwave. I am sure I am not the only one.

Why you ask? I am currently working on something that requires me to use a stock model from turbosquid. I ran the trigon x plugin over it; it was originally a triangulated .obj model and it still needs tons of cleanup to get it to render properly in sub-d mode.

While I do understand peoples reasons for not wanting ngon support (messy models, unclean geometry, lazy modeler person), having ngon support far outweighs the lack of ngon support.

Espically for reasons of cross platform/program compatibility.

Btw, before anyone asks.... its a anatomical model and I must use this specific model. I own LW, this is what I must use.

And related to this request, true edge weighting. Not the vertex weighting that is currently available, not the vertex weighting that is coming in LW8 that you guys are calling edge weighting. I want an edges catagory along with points, polys and volume along the bottom of modeler. Edge weighting would allow for even further optimised meshes and less polys for more detailed models.

LW's modeler is so close to being very very cool. It's missing only one key component. Edges. I am sure you guys are on your way to adding these things to modeler, just don't wait too long.