View Full Version : dissappearing object when parented to bone in Layout

01-09-2004, 01:35 PM
I have an object that when parented to a bone the object seems to be invisible;
any thoughts?

01-09-2004, 03:44 PM
Is "Parent in Place" on? If not try turning it on.

01-09-2004, 04:39 PM
hello bloontz; no, "parent in place" was not active; I am about to leave the house to go out, but tomorrow I will check to see if this solves my problem; thanks;
Shannon Burnett

01-10-2004, 10:58 PM
I discovered recently was that if an LScript or an Expression applied to an object uses the arctangent(atan) or tangent(tan) function, the object can dissappear. In some instances the calculation will be Pi/2, which is nonsense to LW. I saw this happen while writing and testing a wheel rotation script last week.
If you have a script applied to that bone's motion, I would expect its associated object(s) to heve the same trouble.

Hope that helps.

01-11-2004, 11:26 AM
hello g3d; no, I did not have any atan functions applied to it, but I can't wait til I am comfortable enough with LW to get into LScript; so, since you brought it up I would like to ask you two questions:
1) what programming language is LScript based on?
2) does LW give me access to object (an object such as a modeled hand) data such as vertex information OR does LW only give you access to vertex maps (which is indirect vertex info);