View Full Version : MediaDS v200218 released

03-17-2020, 12:29 PM
New release of MediaDS now available.

* Streaming settings are backed up on each successful load.
* Includes Wowza Security Update 4.7.8.
* Vimeo streaming preset.
* Restream.IO streaming preset.
* Added 15 fps option to streaming.
* Added NDI 4 support.

Bug Fixes
* Fix for intermittent drops on very long streams.
* Changes for YouTube streaming to prevent outages.
* Updated Facebook presets to fix streaming and uploading to multiple pages and groups.
* Fix for missing PAL custom streaming presets.
* Fix for CBR encoding consistency.
* Fix for Twitch.tv login
* If streaming token has expired, the User Interface will now always open a re-authentication popup.
* Fix for corrupted stream configuration causing "Codec error - Connection refused by RTMP server."